Nova Sober Livings Mission


Mission Statement: Our mission is devoted to creating a unique, structured, and nurturing atmosphere that allows recovering addicts the right to self-forgive, be forgiven, and realize that “recovery” is a  beautiful and humbling journey of self-love in sobriety.

Vision Statement: Our vision is to provide every addict or alcoholic seeking recovery through a 12 Step recovery program a safe, structured, and affordable residential facility where they may be free of all mind and mood altering substances and find the opportunity for a new way of life. We will facilitate and focus a community effort, in the spirit of unit and cooperation, to assist those members of our community who are seeking recovery. We will work to have the recognition and respect of the Community as a viable program for recovery. 

Core Values:

Care: We believe that chemical dependence is a serious disease and that abstinence from alcohol and drugs is just the beginning. Healthy and continuous sobriety requires real change and a transformation in attitude and outlook on life. We care for and nurture our residents as they develop the necessary skills to build a rich, full and balanced sober life. We help them find the courage to change those beliefs and behaviors that no longer fit the person they want to be. 

Community: We believe that lasting, emotional sobriety cannot be achieved alone. At Nova Sober Living you will find a family of individuals committed to a “we” program of recovery and who work together to create a treatment plan and sober living environment conducive to growth, support and accountability. 

Compassion: We believe that reflection brings clarity and that recovery provides an opportunity for individuals to embrace their own uniqueness through honest self-examination and an inventory and accounting of one’s soul, both liabilities and assets. At Nova Sober Living, we judge no one. Through compassion and empathy, we open our hearts to each individual’s pain, struggles and disappointments. We share in their spiritual journey to explore and find their infinite potential. In doing so, we encourage each resident to be proactive and accountable for their own recovery and to address their challenges by tapping into their inner strengths and resources.


Why Sober Living ?

Sober Living is the best option for addicts to obtain lasting sobriety and the opportunity to rebuild their lives!
NOVA Sober Living Gives Women:

  • Introduction to 12 step program
  • Safe environment 
  • Positive Encouragement 
  • Tools for Coping 
  • Practicing of Communication
  • Being of service/ Caring for others
  • Structure of Stepping Back into Society 
  • Support of others trying to do the same and who understand. There is power in numbers !

Often times the old residence of the addict is not safe.  Here are some reasons Sober Living is the right choice for you: 

  • You are new to the 12 steps 
  • Your previous residence has substance users 
  • You don't have anywhere to reside after treatment 
  • If returning with family is triggering/ stressful for the addict and family members 
  • You need a stronger sober support system
  • You need to avoid isolation / loneliness 
  • You want to stay sober 

If this sounds like your situation please call us! We can help. (480) 508-0500 

Someone Who Understands


"Before sober living I was in a vicious cycle of rehab, back home, get high, REPEAT. I could not put more than 30 days together and had some very serious overdoses and ended up without a home. I would try and want so badly to be sober but this disease was bigger than me....

Finally, I went to Sober Living. Best decision I have ever made to help myself! It taught me how to communicate with those around me, build a positive community, have fun without drugs, express my emotions, live a productive life, make real friends, and most importantly make amends and  reconcile with my family. 

I stayed in Sober Living for 11 months and have remained sober since. I feel so passionately about the success of Sober Living, I decided to open one.  Don't do this alone ! Trust the process and make a change. You're life depends on it!" 

- Mel Lopez (CO OWNER) 

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