Certified by AzRHA and The City of Phoenix


Nova Sober Living in Phoenix, Az

Nova Sober Living in Phoenix, Az

Nova Sober Living in Phoenix, AzNova Sober Living in Phoenix, AzNova Sober Living in Phoenix, Az

Nova Sober Living


About Nova

Nova Sober Living in Phoenix, is a  women’s sober living located on Bethany Home Rd and 39th ave! We provide a safe living environment with a live in house manager, 12 step program, house rules, house meetings, employment options, and accountability curfews. Nova is certified by AzRHA and by The City of Phoenix. 

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In early sobriety it is crucial to be accountable, work a program of recovery, form new friends, and a sober community to lean on. We are confident in providing this to newly sober women! 

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Who Is Accepted at Nova ?

 We accept newly sober women that have a desire to lead a sober life. It is recommended to complete a program from an addiction treatment center before sober living, but it is not required. We also accept women with  longer amounts of sobriety. We trust that "seeing is believing" Having role models in the house is important for the new girl. 

" Success is contagious and seeing a fellow addict, once in your shoes, who is now sober and free  ." 


Where is Nova?

NOVA is located on Bethany Home Rd and 39 th Ave. Address: 4033 W Solano Dr S, Phx Az 85019. It is a quiet family neighborhood. The house is a beautiful 5-bedroom tri- level home. Tv, wifi, multiple car drive way, covered patio & smoking area, and spacious living areas are just a few of the many amenities!  

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How Does Nova Combat Relapse ?



 A high level of structure can reduce your chances of relapse during your stay at Nova. Ladies will be attending meetings everyday, holding down jobs, meeting with sponsors, working their steps, doing chores, following rules, and attending house meetings.



You get the opportunity to develop healthy relationships. The women you live with become your support system. This kind of support can have a powerful effect on your ability to stay sober. These life long friendships can sustain you through difficult times. 



Isolation and anti social tendencies are often present in addicts. These negative behaviors keep us in our addiction. At Nova, the girls are living together in a tight knit group. This teaches us to reach out ! We learn to stand together, so in the future we know how to stand alone !



Ladies will be expected to pay bills on time and clean up after themselves. They shop for groceries, cook, do laundry, and maintain a high level of self-care. All of these skills are important! They promote better health, less stress and higher self-esteem, which are three crucial factors.



We don’t just recommend that you work a 12 step program; it is required to live at Nova. We do weekly sponsor calls to check progress and ensure they are in fact calling their sponsors every day. We also do meeting slips to ensure the girls are going to meetings and have a home-group/ service commitment. 



The awareness of regular drug testing helps addicts to know that relapse will have consequences. Now free from active addiction, they have a choice. Most are not willing to risk their new lives. Drug testing is also held for the safety of other clients. At all times we need to have a safe, drug-free environment.

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HOURS: 7:00 AM- 9:00 PM 

Nova Sober Living

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